A brief explanation of which candidate you would hire, and why.

A brief explanation of which candidate you would hire, and why. Explain what qualities you would give the most consideration and how your hiring decision relates to either good fit or bad fit for the organization. Also, explain your strategies for assessing the validity of interview information and for avoiding rater bias. Be specific and provide examples, with support from the Learning Resources or other current literature.

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A brief explanation of which candidate you would hire, and why.
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To Prepare:

· Review the Learning Resources. Pay particular attention to information that explains the role of nurse executives in recruitment and selection of employees and guidance for determining applicant qualifications, such as stages of ability in developing specific skills.

· Consider the following scenarios of three candidates (A, B, and C) to interview. As a nurse executive, how would you view each?

· Candidate A has all the necessary competencies but discussion, during the personal interview, suggests that the individual may not be a team player or open to working in a collaborative environment.

· Candidate B lacks some of the necessary competencies but demonstrates clear evidence of being a team player and is comfortable in a collaborative environment.

· Candidate C went to the same nursing school as you and, as you speak, you realize your social networks overlap as you know many of the same people, professionally and personally. This candidate lacks several of the necessary competencies for this position.

· Consider the challenge of assessing both fit and technical qualifications when interviewing candidates and making hiring decisions. Are there situations where there is a tradeoff between fit and technical qualifications? If so, how might such a situation present itself?

· Reflect on the potential for rater bias in this scenario. To what extent would you be drawn to the candidate with whom you can best identify? How do you assess the truthfulness of a candidate’s responses to questions? How much would you consider other explanations, such as nervousness, in assessing why the first candidate did not seem like a team player? How do you assess the validity of the interview information, including how you weigh different selection criteria?

· Decide which candidate you would hire, and why.

· Consider your reasoning for not hiring each of the other candidates.


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