Jones & Bartlett Learning Titles in Biological Science

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AIDS: The Biological Basis, Fifth Edition Benjamin S. Weeks & I. Edward Alcamo

Alcamo’s Fundamentals of Microbiology, Body Systems Edition, Second Edition Jeffrey C. Pommerville

Alcamo’s Microbes and Society, Third Edition Benjamin S. Weeks

Bioethics: An Introduction to the History, Methods, and Practice, Third Edition Nancy S. Jecker, Albert R. Jonsen, & Robert A. Pearlman

Bioimaging: Current Concepts in Light and Electron Microscopy Douglas E. Chandler & Robert W. Roberson

Case Studies for Understanding the Human Body, Second Edition Stanton Braude, Deena Goran, & Alexander Miceli

Electron Microscopy, Second Edition John J. Bozzola & Lonnie D. Russell

Encounters in Microbiology, Volume 1, Second Edition Jeffrey C. Pommerville

Encounters in Microbiology, Volume 2 Jeffrey C. Pommerville

Essential Genetics: A Genomics Perspective, Sixth Edition Daniel L. Hartl

Essentials of Molecular Biology, Fourth Edition George M. Malacinski

Exploring Bioinformatics: A Project-Based Approach Caroline St. Clair & Jonathan E. Visick

Exploring the Way Life Works: The Science of Biology Mahlon Hoagland, Bert Dodson, & Judy Hauck

Fundamentals of Microbiology, Tenth Edition Jeffrey C. Pommerville

Genetics: Analysis of Genes and Genomes, Eighth Edition Daniel L. Hartl & Maryellen Ruvolo

Genetics of Populations, Fourth Edition Philip W. Hedrick

Guide to Infectious Diseases by Body System, Second Edition Jeffrey C. Pommerville

Human Biology, Seventh Edition Daniel D. Chiras

Human Biology Laboratory Manual Charles Welsh

Human Embryonic Stem Cells, Second Edition Ann A. Kiessling & Scott C. Anderson

Laboratory Fundamentals of Microbiology, Ninth Edition Jeffrey C. Pommerville

Lewin’s CELLS, Second Edition Lynne Cassimeris, Vishwanath R. Lingappa, & George Plopper

Lewin’s GENES XI Jocelyn E. Krebs, Elliott S. Goldstein, & Stephen T. Kilpatrick

Lewin’s Essential GENES, Third Edition Jocelyn E. Krebs, Elliott S. Goldstein, & Stephen T. Kilpatrick

The Microbial Challenge: A Public Health Perspective, Third Edition Robert I. Krasner & Teri Shors

Molecular Biology: Genes to Proteins, Fourth Edition Burton E. Tropp

Precancer: The Beginning and the End of Cancer Jules J. Berman

Principles of Cell Biology George Plopper

Principles of Molecular Biology Burton E. Tropp

Strickberger’s Evolution, Fifth Edition Brian K. Hall

Understanding Viruses, Second Edition Teri Shors




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