Leadership in Health

Leadership in Health
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Title: Leading a nursing team towards a culture of creativity.
The generation of new ideas and novel approaches to problems is an important aspect of the nursing profession. The very nature of nursing is changeable and in order
to improve as a profession and individuals we need to embrace these changes and find creative solutions to problems as well as being proactive in our approach to
improvement. Nurses leading a team have the ability to either encourage creativity or stifle it. This article will discuss some approaches leaders can take to
encourage a culture of creativity within the team.
I have chosen this topic as I feel there is often a fear of failure within healthcare that can stifle creativity. If an organisation wants to be a leader in healthcare
and considered truly innovative then it needs to embrace and encourage creativity of its staff. A leader that knows how to develop the workforce and encourage
creativity will be an asset to the organisation.
Main points to include:
Taking a mindful approach to creativity
Be an authentic and humble leader
Losing the ego can improve the creativity of a team.
Remove the fear of failure.

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Leadership in Health
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