, Social Psychology, and Health) to your own life and future.

Your goal for this assignment is to apply information from the later chapters of our textbook (e.g. Motivation, I-O Psychology, Social Psychology, and Health) to your own life and future. The steps for this assignment are outlined below.

First, complete all reading, through Chapter 16 on Health Psychology.

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, Social Psychology, and Health) to your own life and future.
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Second, read these additional sources:

– There’s More to Life Than Being Happy – The Atlantic.pdfActions (uploaded)
– https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/a-happy-life-may-not-be-a-meaningful-life/ (Links to an external site.)
Third, prepare a 3-4 page response to these articles that addresses the following prompts. Your response should be submitted in paragraph format (no subheadings, and do not copy and paste the prompts into your assignment). NO direct quotations. write it as an essay format.

Distinguish happiness, well-being, and meaning. Your response should demonstrate your knowledge of these concepts from the articles above as well as from our class (textbook).
Who was Viktor Frankl? What was his occupation? You can use the web to search for more information on him as well. How does his life and work contribute to our understanding of the meaningful life?
Return to the goal-setting exercise that we conducted in class on November 12 (during our discussion of Chapter 10 on Motivation and Emotion). Consider the goals you identified in this exercise, particularly the goals for your future. Consider the relationship between your goals, the pursuit of happiness, and the pursuit of meaning and describe the potential for your future goals to support the meaningful life.
Be sure to relate your goals to concepts from class and the resources linked above.
goal: improve my academic grades and graduate as soon as possbile
Consider intentional activities to increase meaning in your life and articulate a plan to incorporate these intentional activities – Sonja Lyubomirsky’s work is described in the textbook Chapter 10 (page 351). At least 3 intentional activities should be described.
Lyubomirsky & Layous 2013 .pdfActions
What barriers or limitations do you expect to face in the pursuit of a meaningful life? How do you anticipate you will find balance and overcome these obstacles? Chapter 17 may be useful in responding to this prompt.
Use APA formatted citations: Both IN-TEXT citations and a full REFERENCE citation are required or you will receive a zero on this assignment.

NO DIRECT QUOTATION, and please don’t quote the ppt (ppt just for overview of the chapters)