Strengthening the Primary Care Workforce to Meet Population Needs

Week 10, Question #1
In the article entitled “Strengthening the Primary Care Workforce to Meet Population Needs”, the author speaks to an issue that has been brought up several times throughout our class; the increased demand for primary care providers with the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  In this article, workforce experts provide 4 possible solutions for increasing the supply of providers:
1)Medical Education
2)Appeal of Primary Care
3) Term Based Care
4) Leveraging the Skills of Nurse Practitioners and Other Providers
After readying the full details of each proposed solution, please select 2 of the 4 solutions (each in its own paragraph) that you believe would have a greater impact on meeting the increased demand and why.  Also, if these solutions could assist with alleviating the increased demands on other health care professions that may not have been discussed in this article.
Week 10, Question #2
In the case study portion of this week’s assigned reading, “Legacy Clinic Emanuel – Increasing Access and Efficiency Through Team-Based Primary Care”, shows how this model can increase access, provides greater productivity and improve overall care.   After reading the case study, please provide what you believe are the 2 main factors (in separate paragraphs) that led to the success of this health care delivery model, how this model can be paired with any of  the other 3 solutions that were discussed in DQ#1 for an even greater impact, or another model/solution not mentioned in this article that you may have learned about in any of your courses.
I look forward to seeing your responses.

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Strengthening the Primary Care Workforce to Meet Population Needs
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