Teaching coursework

Teaching coursework
Reflection on an observation of someone else’s teaching session.
You must arrange to observe someone else’s teaching session (this could be a fellow CPAD participant, a colleague within your subject discipline, or your mentor/buddy). Within your blog entry you should reflect on the observation identifying aspects of the practice which you have learnt from and consideration of how observing someone else’s teaching will benefit your own practice.

my practice is nursing teacher for undergraduate students.
words 800count

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Teaching coursework
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Action plan
Brief consideration of your development needs as a ‘dual professional’ plus an attached ‘action plan’. At the top of your action plan you should write no more than two sentences about your role as a subject specialist and a teacher in HE.
The action plan should be in the form of a table (see template on below) identifying professional development needs within learning and teaching and your discipline, over the forthcoming 12 months. You should cross reference your development needs with aspects of the UKPSF.

Current situation Goal Action required Measure of success Time to be completed Relation to UKPSF