Use of Nursing Theory to Guide DNP Projects

Week 3: Use of Nursing Theory to Guide DNP Projects

Conduct a literature search in one or more of the nursing databases on the potential topic or problem of interest to you for your eventual DNP Project (Health Acquired Infections is the problem of interest- SEE PROBLEM STATEMENT ATTACHED). Select one article or paper and discuss how a particular nursing theory or model (SEE THE LESSON ATTACHED ON NURSING MODELS) was used as a framework for the research study or DNP project. What insights has reading this article provided you in considering and firming up, supporting the problem statements that you have formatted in Weeks 1 and 2?

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Use of Nursing Theory to Guide DNP Projects
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Hint: If searching the Proquest Dissertations and Theses database, use the search words: DNP (as author) and Nursing Theory (contained in abstract).



I have chosen the article below for you:

The Legacy of Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory: Nursing Research

Focusing on the Impact of Healthcare Environments

Zborowsky, Terri, PhD, EDAC. HERD : Health Environments Research & Design Journal; London Vol. 7, Iss. 4, (Summer 2014): 19-34.

The part of the question in bold is the only part you are working on based on the article named above.